About us

Giga International B.V. is an international supplier in the field of films, packaging and disposables for the food industry.

In 1999 Giga International B.V. was established as PanSaver Europe B.V. PanSaver Europe was the carrier of the official agency of M&Q Packaging LLC. At that time, the entire range consisted exclusively of PanSaver.

In 2007, PanSaver Europe was acquired by Giga-Groep B.V. This resulted in the birth of the current name: Giga International!

Since 1999, the product range of Giga International has grown explosively. Whereas in 1999 it only supplied panliners (pan protectors), the current Giga International carries a large number of products. This includes piping bags, vacuum bags, cooking bags, Cook & Chill systems, pancovers and shrink covers. Products such as stand-up bags, soup bags and zip-lock bags also fall within the current range.

In short: Giga International supplies innovative systems for keeping food up to temperature, keeping it fresh, packaging and storing!

Giga International B.V. is part of Giga-Groep B.V.


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