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The Cook & Chill system is the packaging of a freshly prepared food product at an pasteurization temperature in an oxygen-inadmissible casing to allow it to cool quickly.

In this way, a food supply can be created with a storage time of up to 28 days (depending on the product) .


You can also make optimum use of the Cook & Chill system in 3 simple steps: fill, clip and cool!


  • Establishing a food supply with a storage time of up to 28 days
  • Eliminates the daily peaks and troughs in demand
  • Saves a lot on production time (up to 45%) and personnel costs
  • Identical food properties are retained
  • This leads to a constant food quality with optimum color, moisture content and nutritional value
  • The casings (resistant to 100 °C or 163 °C) offer an excellent solution for space-saving transport

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