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PanSaver ECO pan protectors can be used for cooking, baking, roasting, and steaming food and are suitable for use in convection ovens and microwave ovens. 

The PanSaver ECO is the only pan protector that is derived from plant oil. This reduces the “carbon footprint” by 65% ​​compared to the standard pan protectors.

The PanSaver can be used at temperatures ranges between -73 °C and 204 °C.


Apply the fitted size to the appropriate pan, skirting the outer edge of the pan with the excess material. 

After using a lined pan, you discover the true power of PanSaver ECO; no more traces of baked-on food. You can clean the pan by simply removing the pan liner. The only thing you need to do is wash it up with just a little water and the pan is ready to be reused.


  • Save time and money on cleaning tasks
  • Save on water and detergent
  • Prevent food from burning on or drying out
  • Increase the holding temperature of food by 8 °C and improve food quality
  • Improve hygiene (PanSaver complies with all HACCP standards)
  • Reduce the amount of food and fat that ends up in the pipes
  • Improve the quality of the dishes by avoiding the contact between food and metal
  • Easily store your food to re-serve the next day

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