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The VIC cooking bags from Giga International offer you the certainty of safe, hygienic and sustainable support. The cooking bags are extruded and made up of 7 layers of PA / PP. The cooking bags are available in both tube and side seal variant.


  • Made from 7 layers of polypropylene (PP) / polyamide (PA)
  • A 7-layer bag is stronger, easier to seal and more suitable for oily products than the 3-layer or 5-layer variant
  • Can be used from a minimum temperature of -20 ° C and a maximum temperature of +121 °C
  • Suitable for sous vide preparation and pasteurization
  • Extruded cooking bags are smoother, stronger and more elastic than its laminated counterpart
  • The extruded cooking bag lacks the environmentally harmful adhesive layer

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